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News & Events : FPL is participating in K-Show 11th International Exhibition - October 16 - 23, 2013 at Dusseldorf, Germany.
FORMPOLY® Polyamide – 12 (Nylon 12)
Over the years, FPL has established 400 grades in 10 engineering polymers mostly specialising in niche compounds. FPL has approvals from various OEMs serving large sectors of industries with product reach internationally.

FPL facilities are certifed to ISO 9001; ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 quality systems. FPL combining a strong technology base with application expertise, design and manufacture Engineering Plastic from relatively inexpensive compounds to sophisticated high end engineering plastic compounds.

Unfilled Grades
General Purpose Extrusion
Stable viscosity for uniform wall thickness of tubing and cables
Optical fiber cable cover, fuel and pneumatic tubing , castors for sports. Availabel with CACT approval
Highly flexible extrusion
Very stable for processing; meets bursting strength requirements
Auto pneumatic tubing / air break tubing; heater wire insulation. Sports shoe sole
Moderate Flexible
Relatively stiff for high brust strength
Glass Fiber Reinforced Grades
15% Glass Fiber
30% Glass Fiber
Low moisture absorbing low shrinkage with moderate properties
Noise less gears , Clips, Cams, Water meter parts, Water filter parts, Spectacle parts
In addition to above FPL have many other formulations for many end-use applications. FPL also has many Application Specific grades and alloys / blends for many Specific requirements. May be some of them may suit your requirements also. Call on us to know more about us and about our FORMPOLY® product range.

FPL offers the end-user industry, the designer and the processor with a wide range of plastic compounds to meet every application.

FPL’s full range of service includes development assistance, custom formulations, product and application guidance.


All FORMPOLY® products are in pellet form and offered in standard 25 Kg and 500 Kg moisture proof bags. MOQ for Produced for stock grades are based on packing size mentioned here, and for produced against order depends on the colour, polymer and the same provided by your nearest supply chain executive.


FORMPOLY®  grades are designed and manufactured carefully to achieve easy flow, permit thin section moulding , fast solidification and best  release property in case of injection moulding and uniform flow with excellent dimension stability in case of extrusion. FPL grades are process stabilised for easy processing under wide temperature range.

More details of processing can be seen in compact disc provided for each grade. Ask for assistance to nearest technical services staff to establish the processing and in case of difficulties.


MSDS for FORMPOLY® polymer groups are available. Ask for a copy or can be located in compact disc of
FORMPOLY® Product Data Sheet.
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