Formpoly® Engineering Plastics mPPO compounds in pump applications

Typical configuration of Indian Pump sets, mainly centrifugal pumps consists of a piping system and the pump set. Hence the pump has a suction head , delivery head, sucking 

Formpoly® Engineering Plastics compounds for Electric Vehicles

The global plastic for the electric vehicle market is projected to reach USD 2,600 million by 2025 from USD 795 million in 2020. The stringent emission norms and demand for weight reduction in Electric 

Formpoly® Engineering Plastics compounds in automotive application

The high quality and safety standards in modern auto- motive engineering are requiring stringent demands on the materials which are being used in automotive 

Top Processing Techniques For Polymers In India

India has made great advances in the last decade in the polymer industry due to the increase in use of polymers, with Nylon being one of the most extensively used engineering materials in India. 

Everything you need to know about Flame Retardant Polymers

Fire safety is requisite in any industry be it construction, automobile, electrical or aerospace. An important aspect considered when speaking of fire safety is slowing down the spread. 

What Are The Applications of Thermoplastic Compounds?

Thermoplastics are almost inevitable in today’s world. From packaging and storage materials to consumer goods, medical equipment to machine parts, electrical/electronic components

Polymer industry in India – An overview

With the gradual increase in demand for polymers from several manufacturers like electronics, the health care sector, packaging industries, etc polymers production has become one of the most expanding 

Troubleshooting Guide for Plastics Injection Molded Materials

Many issues are faced during injection molding of plastics raw materials, whether it is commodity plastics like PE, PP, PS, HIPS or engineering plastics like Nylon, mPPO, PBT, ABS, POM or super specialty plastics like PPS,