With the gradual increase in demand for polymers from several manufacturers like electronics, the health care sector, packaging industries, etc polymers production has become one of the most expanding industries in India. India has become the third-largest market of polymers on a global scale with a hike in GDP, thus constantly adapting to newer methods for the synthesizing polymers. One such reason for the bloom in the industry would be PP, which is widely used in automobile and mechanical industries due to its high mechanical strength and resilience.

Polymers aid in the macroeconomic conditions present in India and sets forth high market reach to both the urban and rural markets. Polymers are also used in the textile industries for the fabrication of apparel, handbags, luggage, and carpet as they have high tensile strength, resistance to water and heat. Nylon 66 also called Pa66 is used in products that require high fiber strength and malleability. Glass fiber reinforced Nylon 66 materials are particularly used where high strength and controlled shrinkage is required.
Petrochemical industries consume polymers in large-scale as 70% of petrochemicals consist of polymers. Nylon 12 is a polymer that is used in cosmetics and personal care commodities like base powder, talc, foundation, eye makeup, mascara, nail polish, moisturizer, and skin freshener. Hence, the production of polyamide 12 which has hardness, resistance to abrasion and a paraffin-like structure is considerably high. Properties of polyamide 46 like excellent creep resistance, good wear and tear characteristics give it an edge over the production in end users like engineering plastic formation industries and electronics industries.

The threat posed by the residual waste and power deficit of synthesizing the polymers in India could be reduced by finding easier and more sustainable modes of production of polymers. 3 million people are employed in more than 20,000 industries of polymer production. Polymer industries are potentially one of the pre-eminent industries as they provide solutions for a variety of end-user demands across the country and the globe. With proper and regulated usage, polymers are one of the ideal compounds that can be the master of all trades.

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